GLH-2016 Indoor Space, Tailgating & Pre-Ordered Ticket Confirmation

This page serves as confirmation of GLHA receiving your table, tailgating and ticket orders. If you sent in an order and payment your name should appear in the list below.

If your name is not listed 10 days after mailing your order, please send an email to:

We will investigate the problem and keep you informed of the situation.

Conf Date
(Order #)

7/20/2016 W9WWI Clark County Amateur Radio Club 4-Row 1 0

7/2/2016 (#16) KI4OYH Walter Shipman 0 2-ADM+/36-EPT 0

5/3/2016 (#15) W4HK Kentucky DX Association 3-SPC By door like 2015 0 0

3/7/2016 W4CN Amateur Radio Transmitting Society 3-SPC Corner as in 2015 0 0

3/1/2016 (#14) W4ISH Bill Evans 6-SPC Row 3-ADM+ (Mailed) 0

Dates with order numbers are online orders. Tickets can be picked up at the Indoor Ticket Table on the day of the hamfest. For those with Indoor Spaces, tickets will be available for pickup during setup.