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Planning for 2017 is in the Works
     We are thankful for the record attendance and positive response to GLH-2016 and are looking forward to bringing you another exciting hamfest this year.
     If you would like to be part of the GLHA Team, we invite you to join us at 6:30pm on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at the American Red Cross building in downtown Louisville for our second meeting this year. Meetings will continue to be each month on the second Tuesday unless announced otherwise.
     We hope you can join us to be part of planning GLH-2017. On behalf of the GLHA Team, Bob Myers K4RVM, GLHA Chairman.

GLHA Receives Certificate for DXpedition Support

Click to see the 3Y0Z Certificate of Appreciation
     For the presentation by Hal Turley W8HC, GLHA donated to his next DXpedition. For our donation, we received the following:

On behalf of the Bouvet Island DXpedition-2018, thank you for your kind contribution.
     Please accept this small gift {3Y0Z Certificate of Appreciation to GLHA} to recognize your DX Club/Organization's important and generous contribution toward the Bouvet DXpedition-2018 expenses. As you probably know, this is likely the most expensive DXpedition ever attempted.
     It is dedicated and generous DX organizations like yours that make DXpeditions such as this possible, and we are pleased that you are now one of our important supporters.
     One of the goals of the Bouvet Island DXpedition-2018 is to provide at least one QSO to every DXer who needs this #2 ranked DXCC entity for an all-time new one (ATNO). Also, we want to provide as many band/mode contacts needed by DXers as we possibly can. We believe we have the plan, the team and the equipment to make this happen!
     Your contribution will help make all this a reality for not only our team of DXpeditioners, but for DXers, worldwide...THANK YOU!
     See you in the pileups!
          For the team,
          Ralph Fedor - KIR
          Bob Allphin - K4UEE
          Erling Wiig - LA6VM

Thank You Volunteers!
     Every year we are thankful for all the people who take time volunteering to work at our hamfests. We say, "Thank you" to each of the following volunteers (in alphabetical order): Phil Alley AA2EA, Karen Collins, OJ Connell, Chris DeMarsh KI4RDG, David Ellis WA8WV, Curtis Foote WX4W, Greg Gawron WX8V, Carl Gnadinger KM4PPI, Ray Gross K9THZ, Randy Harris W4HCR, Pat Hartlage NA4NA, Pam Hogan KJ4VTV, Alvin Humphrey, Dan Hund KB4CF, Tom Irwin K4TBI, Gerald Kelley N9FQF, Kevin King, Mary Jo Kruer KT4GB, Tom Kruer AE4NU, Tom Lander KD9DDY, Bo Lowery WB4GZK, Joe Meyer N9VGB, Alan D. Morgan KY1O, Ashleigh Morgan, Lee Root KJ4NAG, Carolyn Sears, Crystal Sears, Missy Sears, Henry Simpson KA4PUK, Rickey Singleton KC4S, Buddy Sohl KC4WQ, Tina Sohl KJ4QFK, Hal Turley W8HC, James Vize KM4VJI, Dale Williams WA8EFK, Bill Wright KB9ZSH.
     The winner of our $50 ARRL Gift Certificate was Missy Sears.
     Thanks to everyone who helped make GLH-2016 a great success!

Lieutenant Governor Hampton Warmly Welcomed at GLH-2016
     It was an honor to have Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton K5EIB joining us at GLH-2016. Lt. Governor Hampton joined us just after 8 opening in the Salt River Hall for photos and to talk with those in attendance.
     Lieutenant Governor Hampton a half hour later helped us kick off the ARRL Kentucky State Convention with an informal speech in the McDowell Ballroom. She said that with her duties as Lieutenant Governor she did not have the opportunity to be as engaged in Amateur Radio as she wanted to. She did, however, say she always had her radio with her because it is important to always be prepared in the event of an emergency.
     We sincerely thank Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton for taking time out of her busy schedule to join us at GLH-2016. We also thank the ARRL for arranging Lieutenant Governor Hampton's visit.

GLH-2016 Major Prize Winners
     1st Prize: Dustin Norton K4KYD from Mt. Washington, KY won the MFJ-259C 530 kHz - 230 MHz SWR Analyzer with MFJ-1312D AC Adapter.
     2nd Prize: David Shelton N4IN from Bardstown, KY won the MFJ-4035MV Adjustable 30/35 Amp Regulated DC Power Supply.
     3rd Prize: William Downs KK4FIH from Elizabethtown, KY won the Hy-Gain VB-64DX 4 Element 6m Beam Antenna.
     4th Prize: Darrell Darby WA4USO from Louisville won the MFJ-815D 1.8-60 MHz SWR/Wattmeter with MFJ-1312D AC Adapter.
     5th Prize: Tom Kruer AE4NU from Bardstown, KY won the MFJ-382 Amplified Speaker with MFJ-1312D AC Adapter.
     The 6th and 7th prizes, the MFJ-112B DX'ers World Map Clocks, went to Jerry Downey K4ULE from Hopkinsville, KY and Robert Tanner KA4IFU from Brandenburg, KY.
     The two $25 ARRL Gift Certificates were won by Glenn Foley KO4OL from Richmond, KY and Lowell Lanham WD4ARR from Louisville.
     Those still at the Hamfest was awarded their prizes. Winners who were not still at the show were contacted and arrangements were made to deliver their prizes soon.
     Congratulations to all our lucky winners from Greater Louisville Hamfest 2016. There will be more chances to win more great prizes next year at GLH-2017.

K5P DXpedition to Palmyra Atoll - Thanks to Hal Turley W8HC
     Hal Turley W8HC presented an informative and exciting program recalling his experience on the K5P DXpedition to Palmyra Atoll. They had over 75,000 contacts during their 14 days of operations. The experience Hal had was something he will remember for a long time.
     And the knowledge of the adventure will help him when he is part of the Bouvet Island DXpedition 3Y0Z in Early 2018. For Hal sharing his experiences with us, the Kentucky DX Association and Greater Louisville Hamfest Association are donated to Hal's next exciting DX adventure.

Wouff Hong Ceremony - Fun and Surprising
     About 60 Amateur Radio ARRL Members passed through the ordeal of the initiation into the Royal Order of the Wouff Hong at the ceremony at GLH-2016. Many Hams went away and profited by the lessons brought out by the ritual.
     In attendance was Jim Vaughn K4TXJ who organized the ROWH twelve years ago. Not experienced in Louisville since 2004, the program was fun, entertaining and had some unexpected moments. But details of the cermony cannot be discussed, for the Royal Order of the Wouff Hong is a secret order of Radio Amateurs who are first members of the ARRL.
     Thanks to KJ4QFK Tina Sohl, KM4VJI James Vize, AA2EA Philip Alley, KM4IX Linda Sparks, N4XM Paul Schrader, KC4S Rickey Singleton, and KG4WWE John Sohl for their work on the program. Special thanks to Buddy Sohl KC4WQ for organizing this most solemn and important ceremony for Greater Louisville Hamfest 2016 and ARRL Kentucky State Convention.

Safe Sunspot Gazing and Excitement with the StarGeezer
     Mark Steven Williams K9GX, the StarGeezer, prsented an interesting and informative forum on the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. It's going to be one of the biggest sky events in years and Ham Radio is going to be a big part of it. There will be a special events station a a whole lot more going on. More details will be coming as this event draws near.
     Mark also had solar shades and glasses for sale and was taking oirders for key chain fobs. There was a lot of interest at his booth and lots of shades and glasses were sold in anticipation for the upcoming solar eclipse.
     Mark spent lots of time with those who were interested in sky watching. Mark has a tremendous knowledge of astronomy and and enjoyed sharing it with everyone.
     Mark Steven Williams' program also included the opportunity to look at sunspots. At first, the weather wasn't as cooperative, but it didn't take long before the sun was visible and we could look at the sunspots. It was a fun experience for many and Mark answered a lot of questions from interested viewers.
     We thank Mark for being at GLH-2016 and for sharing his experience and knowledge with us. We'll be watching his website, StarGeezer Astronomy, and keeping an eye on his Facebook page for more information.

BIGGEST Hamfest in Over a Decade!
     Packed with lots of forums with being host for the ARRL Kentucky State Convention, GLH-2016 was an overwhelming success. Our most ambitious hamfest since 2004, our 13th year at Paroquet Springs Conference Centre was filled with excitement and events for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to the staff of PSCC, the volunteers and everyone who attended the Hamfest. We had lots of fun and are looking forward to another great show on September 9, 2017.

Hamfest Volunteers Wanted
     Great hamfests are not organized overnight. It takes ideas, planning and little bit of work to have a successful show like GLH-2016.
     GLHA needs volunteers to join in the planning and organizing of our 2017 show. Our planning starts in February and we want you to be a part of it next year!
     Want to help? for more information or to let us know you want to volunteer your help and become a member of the GLHA Team.

Louisville Hamfest Online Store Specials Coming in 2017
     Hmm... what might this be all about? Well, from March 15, 2017 until July 20, 2017 the Louisville Hamfest Store will have periodic special offers to reward those who purchase tickets or reserve spaces early. There won't be any discounts on Admission Tickets, Indoor Spaces or Outdoor Tailgating Spaces, but we have some special things planned. Keep an eye peeled for announcements here on the website, on our Facebook page and in emails from our Email List. You never know what we may have planned.