Your Input for Convention Forums is Wanted
     This year Greater Louisville Hamfest 2018 will again be host to the ARRL Kentucky State Convention. We are looking forward to having our ARRL representatives join us for our hamfest. Something that is very important to GLH-2018 will be our forums and we want to provide programs that will be of interest to those in Kentuckiana.
     ARRL Kentucky Section Manager, Steve Morgan, W4NHO would like your input for forums or events. In January Kentucky News he wrote: It is to all our benefit to be able to plan an interesting convention to showcase what Kentucky is all about and maybe training that may be beneficial for everyone. September will be here before we know it. Would appreciate some input so planning can take place. If there is something you would like to showcase let me know.
     If you have any suggestions, please send them to .

News for Greater Louisville Hamfest 2018 & ARRL Kentucky State Convention
     On September 12th we received the email that "Director Williams has approved the holding of an ARRL approved Kentucky State Convention on September 8, 2018 in Shepherdsville, KY under the sponsorship of the Greater Louisville Hamfest Association." ARRL State Conventions are always an exciting time for our hamfest. This one won't be as big as in 2016, but we will have lots of activities. All this will be in this year's planning, so keep an eye out for details throughout the year.

Volunteers to Help Organize GLH-2018 Wanted
     Great hamfests are not organized overnight. It takes ideas, planning and little bit of work to have a successful show.
     Beginning on February 13, 2018 and every second Tuesday of the month GLHA will plan for next year's hamfest. We invite volunteers to join in the planning and organizing of GLH-2018.
     Got new ideas? Does this sound exciting? Then join us to help! for more information or to let us know you want to volunteer your help and become a member of the GLHA Team.

GLH-2019 Logo Contest for GLH-2018
     Since 2008, we created a new logo for each hamfest. (See all the logos.) This time, we want YOU to create the hamfest logo for GLH-2019. Be working on this throughout the year. There will be a nice prize for the winner and your logo on our website and in all GLH-2019 advertising - including next year's admission ticket.
     The rules are simple. Make the logo in color on an 8-1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper in landscape format. It can be hand drawn or created using a computer. The logo must have either "Greater Louisville Hamfest 2019" or "GLH-2019" or both in the logo. The winning hand-drawn logo will be digitally scanned (text cleaned up, if necessary) and used in advertising. For digital graphics, please make your graphic at least 560 pixels in height or width.
     We're excited to see all the talent in the area and we hope this will be a fun way for you to be part of the Greater Louisville Hamfest legacy.

Greater Louisville Hamfest 2017 Roundup
     Fabulous weather, great events, lots of hams and lots of fun. It was the perfect hamfest and we hope you were there. There were lots of items sold in the flea market and tailgating areas. The forums were exciting with very good attendances. More folks became hams and upgraded their licenses. All this was made possible by the GLHA Team, the Forum Presenters, Volunteers, VE's, Vendors, Flea Marketers, Exhibitors, Tailgaters, Attendees and PSCC Staff coming together for one fantastic hamfest. Thanks to everyone!!!

GLH-2017 Major Prize Winners
     Here are the Major Prize winners from GLH-2017...
1) MFJ-259C HF/VHF/220 MHz .52-230 MHz SWR Analyzer - WD4KBP Dave Riddle Cecilia, KY
2) MFJ-198B LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station with CPU USB Interface - W2QN Dennis Lutz, Shelbyville, KY
3) MFJ-2289 BigEAR Portable 8-Band Dipole, 7.0-55 MHz, 1 kW - KU4VG Tom Lubrick, Louisville, KY
4) MFJ-890 Atomic DX Beacon Monitor (14, 18, 21, 24, 28 MHz Bands) - KF4MPM Tim Kunkel, Lexington, KY
5) BaoFeng UV-82HP Handheld - KM4QZC James Weiley, Somerset, KY
6) BaoFeng UV-82HP Handheld - KA4FKU Wildon Priddy, Louisville, KY
7) MFJ-131RC Atomic Analog 12/24 Hour Clock - WB8UJS Jim Stiffler, Girard,OH
8) MFJ-131RC Atomic Analog 12/24 Hour Clock - N8DJB Craig Henderson, Mount Sherman, KY
     Congratulations to our lucky prize winners.

GLH-2017 Contest Winners
     This year we had two different contests. Here's how they turned out.
     The winner of the favorite QSL Card was N9CVA David Moyers. He got a $50 ARRL Gift Certificate and a $25 Red Lobster gift card.
     David also won the Show Off Your Shack-Best Shack and received a $25 ARRL Gift Certificate and a $25 Texas Roadhouse gift card.
     KM4IX Linda Sparks won Worst Shack in the Show Off Your Shack Contest. Her "White Noise" entry awarded her a $25 ARRL Gift Certificate and a $25 Olive Garden gift card.
     Thanks to all who entered the contests and congratulations to our winners.

Volunteer-Only GLH-2017 Prize Drawing Winners
     This year there were two prize drawings for just the volunteers. KC4JG Carl Gnadinger, Louisville, KY won a $25 Cracker Barrel gift card and W4EEZ Milton Smith, LaGrange, KY won a $25 Bob Evans gift card. Congratulations to them and a special thanks to all the volunteers helping at GLH-2017.

Thanks to the GLH-2017 Forum Presenters
     The forums were exciting and the attendance was high. A very special thanks to Steve Morgan W4NHO, ARRL KY Section Manager for the ARRL Forum, Dan Hund KB4CF for the Antenna Forum and Matthew Simons KK4ZDZ for the SDR & FlightAware Forum. All the presentations received a lot of interest and we appreciate everyone's hard work in making the forums a great hamfest event.

Special Thanks to the GLH-2017 Volunteers
     Our hamfests couldn't happen without the help of volunteers. Our warmest thanks goes out to the following people who helped make GLH-2017 a success: Matt Simons KK4ZDZ, Buddy Sohl KC4WQ, Brandon White KJ4EWS, Kevin King, John Miller KB3QAT, Pam Bradshaw, Alvin Humphrey, Joe Meyer N9UGP, Chris DeMarsh KI4RDG, Holly Hatfield KG4BGI, Milton Smith W4EEZ, Tom Irwin K4TBI, Carl Gnadinger KC4JG, Lee Root KJ4NAG, Michael DeMarco KM4BKR, Mary Jo Kruer KT4GB, Tom Kruer AE4NU, Will Kessinger K4WHK, Don Hoover KS4E, Pat Hartlage NA4NA, Carolyn Sears, Mike Bolger, Gary Collins KD9GYE, Tom Bibb KD9HOV, David Quillen NQ6A, Greg Gawron WX8V, Jerry Stewart KC9TXQ, Dan Hund KB4CF, Mike Faschingbauer KB7RMG and Bud Dixon KG4AFQ.