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Special Classes to Start Learning Morse Code and FT8 Digital Mode at GLH-2018
     Two exciting classes will be replacing our forums this year. Dr. William D. Hicks Jr., KG4ZXN will be presenting classes on How To Get Started In CW and How To Get Started In FT8. Have your laptop ready (or bring along a friend who has one) to get the most out of these classes.
     If you don't know how to begin learning CW, this 10:00am class is for you. William is still fresh to learning process and he's here to help you successfully enjoy the excitement of joining in CW events with just 20 minutes of practice a day! The focus is on getting you on the air and getting you in the pile ups to work DX.
     In his second class at 11:00am, you can learn about FT8 mode designed to work weak signals and allowing you to work DXCC that you might never hear in any other mode - and the computer does all the work! This will be an overview of FT8 mode on how to set up the software, common problems, operating tips and techniques.
     Be sure to check out details of the programs needed on our Events page to fully take advantage of these great courses.

Scouting, Radio Merit Badge, Free Admission to Scouts* and K2BSA Booth
     This year we have joined with (502 876-5498) to bring Scouting and Amateur Radio together. Steven is conducting a Radio Merit Badge Class from 8:00am until 2:00pm that Scouts will be able to complete and earn a merit badge in one day! Boy Scouts can come and earn the Radio merit badge from Amateur Radio experts. *All Scouts and Scouters in uniform will receive free admission to the hamfest! Contact Steven to if your Scout is interested in earning this merit badge. Classroom size is limited to 30 scouts.
     And be sure to visit the K2BSA Booth to learn how Ham radio can be used in your scouting program. See our GLH-2018 & Scouting page for full details.

Jamboree on the Air (JOTA), Ham Radio and History October 20 & 21
     Come and enjoy the history of Lewis and Clark along with learning about Radio Scouting at the Falls of the Ohio State Park, George Rogers Clark Homesite in Clarksville (1021 Harrison Ave). JOTA and Lewis and Clark Days will have events both Saturday and Sunday and is open to ALL Packs, Troops and Crews from 8:00am to 4:00pm. JOTA Events include Ham Radio Operations, Fox Hunting, STEM and Technology Display and Radio Merit badge for Boy Scouts.
     The Lewis and Clark Festival Event includes earning the L&C History patch (cost $3) and learning about early American history and the Lewis & Clark trek.
     Activities included are Knife and Tomahawk Throwing Demonstrations, Blacksmith, Historical Kid Games and Historical reactors from Lewis and Clark.
     For more information, go to the GLH-2018 & Scouting page where you can download the events flyer.

GLH-2018 Prize Announcement
     Here are the Major Prizes for this year's hamfest:

1) MFJ-259C HF/VHF/220 MHz .52-230 MHz SWR Analyzer
2) MFJ-2289 BigEAR Portable 8-Band Dipole, 7.0-55 MHz, 1 kW
3) MFJ-890 Atomic DX Beacon Monitor (14, 18, 21, 24, 28 MHz Bands)
4) TYT MD-380 VHF/UHF 5W DMR Handheld Transceiver
5) MFJ-131RC Atomic Analog 12/24 Hour Clock
6) MFJ-131RC Atomic Analog 12/24 Hour Clock

Pictures and links to manuals are on our Major Prizes page.

The Greater Louisville Hamfest Store is Open for Tickets and Spaces
     Get your tickets online at the Greater Louisville Hamfest Store now. We are ready to reserve your spaces and have your tickets ready for pickup at the hamfest. Take advantage of our hastle-free, convenient way of getting Admission Tickets and Extra Prize Tickets now! Be ready for GLH-2018 and the ARRL Kentucky State Convention!

GLH-2019 Logo Contest for GLH-2018
     Since 2008, we created a new logo for each hamfest. (See all the logos.) This time, we want YOU to create the hamfest logo for GLH-2019. Be working on this throughout the year. There will be a nice prize for the winner and your logo on our website and in all GLH-2019 advertising - including next year's admission ticket.
     The rules are simple. Make the logo in color on an 8-1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper in landscape format. It can be hand drawn or created using a computer. The logo must have either "Greater Louisville Hamfest 2019" or "GLH-2019" or both in the logo. The winning hand-drawn logo will be used in next year's advertising. See complete details for the contest or download the flyer.
     We're excited to see all the talent in the area and we hope this will be a fun way for you to be part of the Greater Louisville Hamfest legacy.

News for Greater Louisville Hamfest 2018 & ARRL Kentucky State Convention
     On September 12th we received the email that "Director Williams has approved the holding of an ARRL approved Kentucky State Convention on September 8, 2018 in Shepherdsville, KY under the sponsorship of the Greater Louisville Hamfest Association." ARRL State Conventions are always an exciting time for our hamfest. Have any ideas for the hamfest? Remember, this is OUR HAMFEST and we want it to be the best we can offer.