News for Greater Louisville Hamfest 2019

     Planning for our 2019 hamfest began right after GLH-2018 ended. We are an ARRL Hamfest for 2019, our application approved by Director Williams. We know it will be another successful year and are excited about getting things rolling at our first meeting in February.
      So, do you have any ideas for next year's hamfest? Remember, this is OUR KENTUCKIANA HAMFEST and we want it to be the best we can offer.
     You can be a part of the 2019 planning by joining us for our GLHA Planning Meetings, beginning Tuesday, February 12, 2019. Meetings are at the Louisville Red Cross building at 510 E. Chestnut St. in downtown Louisville and we begin at 6:30pm. There are no dues and we will meet the second Tuesday of each month from February through August. Then we have a roundup meeting in October. We hope you will consider becoming part of the Greater Louisville Hamfest Assocication. See our GLHA Bylaws for additional information.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

     It can't be said enough. Thank you to everyone who participated and attended GLH-2018. Without all you helpful volunteers, there would be no hamfest. Many of you have worked at the hamfest for many years and we can not thank you enough for all you have been doing for us.
     Firstly, I have got to thank the GLHA Team for their willingness to work in multiple capacities during the hamfest. The reward was another great hamfest.
     Secondly, thank you to ARRL Kentucky Section Manager Steve Morgan, W4NHO for coordinating the forums and classes and for bringing some of the other ARRL representatives to the hamfest. It is always a priviledge to have our ARRL reps at the show and we appreciate all the work ARRL has done for Amateur Radio.
     Special thanks to Dr. William D. Hicks Jr., KG4ZXN for presenting excellent classes on getting started in CW and FT8. Also a shout of thanks to Scouter Steven Driver, KD9HBY for the Radio Merit Badge class and opening the door of Amateur Radio to scouts.
     Also, thanks to all the WCARS Volunteer Examiners - Duane Dickens AC4ZH, David Huff KC9HZT, Dan Hund KB4CF, Gerald Kelley N9FQF, Louis Kruizinga N7BBW, Jim McKinney N5ISS, Dan Pressler KF2HP and Rickey Singleton KC4S.
     A big thank you to all our other volunteers who worked in various positions - Mike Bolger KD9KGI, James Brown KJ4YIG, Michael Demarco KM4BKR, Chris Demarsh KI4RDG, Paul Dixon KG4AFQ, Aleta Eldridge, Pat Hartlage NA4NA, Bill Hicks KG4ZXN, Ronnie Hogan KI4FNS, Gerald Kelley N9FQF, Amy Leenerts KN4OJJ, Gregory Linker KC9UPS, Laura Metcalf KM4PPK, Mia Morgan, Pam Peppers KJ4VTV, Dan Pressler KF2HP, Lee Root KJ4NAG, Keith Smith N9NGB, Buddy Sohl KC4WQ, Jeremy Stewart KC9TXQ and Brandon White KJ4EWS.
     An extra special thanks to Mary Jo Kruer KT4GB and Tom Kruer AE4NU for working the Indoor Ticket Booth and to non-hams Jim Bradshaw, Pam Bradshaw and Alvin Humphrey for their work at the Outdoor Ticket Booth.
     Finally, I want to acknowledge Kevin King, David Mahaffey and Douglas Mahaffey for all the setting up, tearing down, moving tables, preparing the outdoor pop-up tent and audio-video equipment and lots of other tasks at the hamfest. Also thanks to Kevin for distributing ticket orders, scout tickets and volunteer packets. You guys were also invaluable to the operation and success of the hamfest. Thank you guys so much for all you did to help. Now if we can just work with you to get your Tech license.

GLH-2018 Prize Winners

     Congratulations to the Major Prizes for this year's hamfest:

1) MFJ-259C HF/VHF/220 MHz .52-230 MHz SWR Analyzer: Ken Napier N4AI - Somerset, KY
2) MFJ-2289 BigEAR Portable 8-Band Dipole, 7.0-55 MHz, 1 kW: Kenneth Collins N8DLB, Ada, OH
3) MFJ-890 Atomic DX Beacon Monitor (14, 18, 21, 24, 28 MHz Bands): Tom Lubrick KU4VG - Louisville, KY
3A) TYT TH9000D 60 Watt FM Mobile Transceiver: Noel Warf KA5WOO - Greensburg, KY (Special Donation by T.A.W. Amateur Radio Equipment)
4) TYT MD-380 VHF/UHF 5W DMR Handheld Transceiver: David Leach - Louisville, KY
5) MFJ-131RC Atomic Analog 12/24 Hour Clock: Steve Driver N9BWT - Jeffersonville, IN
6) MFJ-131RC Atomic Analog 12/24 Hour Clock: Roy Nelson N4FDT - Bagdad, KY
7) ARRL $25 Gift Certificate: David Calisti KF4IZR - Coxs Creek, KY
8) ARRL $25 Gift Certificate: Dustin Rhodes KM4UNY - Louisville, KY
Pictures and links to manuals are on our Major Prizes page.

GLH-2019 Logo Contest Winner

     Linda Sparks KM4IX from Louisville, KY was the creative winner of the GLH-2019 Logo Contest. Her logo is on our website and Facebook page and will be in all GLH-2019 advertising and admission tickets. Linda received a $50 ARRL Gift Certificate, a $25 Texas Roadhouse Gift Card, a GLHA 25-ounce Aluminum Ozona Tumbler, a GLHA Keychain, 12 Extra Prize Tickets, a Voucher for 2 Admission Tickets to GLH-2019 and a couple GLHA Pens.
     We're excited to see Linda's talent to become a part of the Greater Louisville Hamfest legacy of logos.

Volunteer-Only Drawing Winner

     KC9HZT David Huff of Greenville, IN was out lucky volunteer who won a $25 Gift card to Cracker Barrel, a GLHA 25-ounce Aluminum Ozona Tumbler, a GLHA Keychain and 2 GLHA Pens. We thank you for your Volunteer Examiner help in advancing hams and making new ones at GLH-2018.

Coming October 20 & 21 - Jamboree on the Air (JOTA), Ham Radio and History
     Come and enjoy the history of Lewis and Clark along with learning about Radio Scouting at the Falls of the Ohio State Park, George Rogers Clark Homesite in Clarksville (1021 Harrison Ave). JOTA and Lewis and Clark Days will have events both Saturday and Sunday and is open to ALL Packs, Troops and Crews from 8:00am to 4:00pm. JOTA Events include Ham Radio Operations, Fox Hunting, STEM and Technology Display and Radio Merit badge for Boy Scouts.
     The Lewis and Clark Festival Event includes earning the L&C History patch (cost $3) and learning about early American history and the Lewis & Clark trek.
     Activities included are Knife and Tomahawk Throwing Demonstrations, Blacksmith, Historical Kid Games and Historical reactors from Lewis and Clark.
     For more information, go to the GLH-2018 & Scouting page where you can download the events flyer.